What YOU Can Do!

The Salton Sea’s problems are so large that a single person’s desire to help can seem insignificant. But if you believe the Salton Sea needs help, and you want to see action taken quickly, you can do something about it! Your elected representatives are waiting to hear from you on any and all issues concerning their constituents. Their job is to represent the wishes of the residents that live in their districts. So let them know you care about the Salton Sea, and you want it to be a high priority! Start local, with your Assemblymembers and State Senators, progressing on to US Congress Members, and US Senators, and even Governor Brown.

Do you live outside of Southern California, but still care about the Sea? You can write to Governor Jerry Brown, or US Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, and let them know that the Salton Sea is such a California treasure that non-locals or even non-residents want to see it made a high priority!

You can find out who represents you at this website:


Here is an example if you were to type in the address of Brawley High School:


In this example, you could follow the respective links for Mr. Garcia and Mr. Hueso, and e-mail them (or write them) to let them know how much you care about the Sea! Just type your address in and your Assemblymember and Senator will be displayed.

We’ve compiled a list of the elected officials who represent areas close to the Sea. If you see your community on one of the maps, follow the attached links and send an e-mail. If you’re not sure what to say, you can simply copy/paste the text below. (Make sure to fill in the elected official’s name, and your own!) It will convey that you think the Sea is important and deserves immediate attention.


Dear (Elected Official),

I am writing you to express the urgency I feel towards the stewardship of the Salton Sea. I trust you are familiar with the challenges facing the Sea and the local area, but unfortunately it seems that the Sea has been on the back burner for too long. The Sea is losing its water supplies to other human interests, and as a result of the shrinking shoreline, more and more fugitive dust will have the potential to be blown about. This leads me to worry about the health of my community. Breathing this dust will have dire consequences. I am also concerned about the ecosystem of the Sea. Currently the Salton Sea is a pivotal stop for migratory birds on the Pacific Flyway. If the Sea is no longer able to support an ecosystem that allows the migratory birds to rest and eat along their journey, our world will lose an incredible and majestic natural feature. Not to mention the multiple endangered species that live at the Sea year round!

The Sea needs a champion. Dozens of plans have been proposed over the years, but little action has been taken. Please be that champion. Please represent us and let your colleagues know how important this issue is.
The latest and perhaps most realistic proposal is that from the Imperial Irrigation District and Imperial County, the Salton Sea Restoration and Renewable Energy Initiative. It is less than 1/3 of the cost of the previous plan the State supported (but never funded), and allows for restoration of the ecosystem of the Sea, prevents fugitive dust, and allows for clean energy development from the local geothermal resources. The Salton Sea Authority supports this plan, as do many local cities and counties.

If you would like more information about the issues facing the Sea, a group of graduate students from UC Riverside have been blogging about the different aspects at http://www.SaltonSeaSense.com.

Thank you for your time and for representing your constituents’ best interests.




Below is the list of maps and the respective elected officials.

Every person can write to 1 Assemblymember, 1 CA Senator, 2 US Senators, and the California Governor.

Thank you for caring about the Salton Sea!

Written by Drew Story


California Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, 56th District




California Assemblymember Brian Jones, 71st District




California Assemblymember Chad Mayes, 42nd District




California Assemblymember Marie Waldron, 75th District




California Assemblymember Melissa Melendez, 67th District


67 dist


California Assemblymember Jose Medina, 61st District




CA State Senator, Ben Hueso, 40th District




CA State Senator Jeff Stone, 28th District




CA State Senator, General Richard Roth, 31st District




US Congressman Juan Vargas, 51st District (map)




US Congressman Raul Ruiz, 36th District (map)




US Congressman Duncan Hunter, 50th District




US Congressman Ken Calvert, 42nd District




US Congressman, Mark Takano, 41st District




California Governor Jerry Brown



US Senator Barbara Boxer



US Senator Dianne Feinstein


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