New Year’s Resolutions for the Salton Sea

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Since the 1980s, several studies have been conducted and many options have been evaluated to address the impending environmental challenges posed by the Salton Sea’s current conditions. Unfortunately, minimal changes have been implemented to improve the harsh conditions that are ever worsening for the local communities and ecosystems. Here at Salton Sea Sense, we are hopeful that 2016 will be the year that the Salton Sea finally gets the attention it needs to provide remediation for the exposed playa and secure a bright future.

So, how can you play a part in ensuring action is taken at the Salton Sea this year? We’ve put together 6 simple New Year’s resolutions that our readers can take to help save the Sea.

  1. Discuss – Word of mouth is our most powerful way to gain support for the Salton Sea, so talk to someone new about the Salton Sea in 2016. Take the time to tell them something they didn’t know about the Sea, and learn from their perspective on the Sea too!
  1. Write – While the Salton Sea has gained some traction in recent months, it’s important to continue that momentum in 2016. Write a letter to your local, state, or federal representative about why the Salton Sea is important to you, or a letter to the editor in your local newspaper, or a blog post like this one.
  1. Explore – If you haven’t visited the Salton Sea yet, we guarantee you won’t regret making the trip to experience the beautiful views and plentiful recreation opportunities at the Salton Sea this year. You might consider planning your trip to see the start of the Badwater Races in May or to do some off-roading with the CORE4Kids fundraiser this January!
  1. Share – The next time you find yourself with a great view at the Salton Sea, take a moment to appreciate the uniqueness of the grand desert lake. Take a picture and share it on Facebook or with @SaltonSeaSense on Twitter!
  1. Support – There are lots of groups with interest in preserving and protecting the Salton Sea, including the Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Pacific Institute, and more! Let these organizations know that you appreciate the work they do for the Salton Sea, and support more positive initiatives in 2016 through donations or event attendance.
  1. Be a Team Player – There are a diversity of opinions on what the future of the Salton Sea should look like, however we all have the same goals of mitigating public health risks, protecting ecosystems, and providing economic stability at the Sea. Let’s make 2016 a year of open-minded conversation and collaboration amongst passionate Salton Sea advocates, in order to ensure that incremental change can be put into action.

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions for the Salton Sea”

  1. I’m hoping that the El Nino this year will give me many more beautifully colored cloudy dawns across the Salton Sea to use as start points for my work. Many westcoasters think my paintings are sunsets across the Pacific and amazed to find they’re mostly dawn across the Salton Sea.

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